As the newest member of Team Lisa Joy, with Jeremy Finley you will experience expertise at its finest. With over 20 years of construction in new home builds and Tarrion warranty, Jeremy brings real life home building experience along with his realtor finesse.

Jeremy is originally from Ontario but has been officially assigned the title of ‘Honourary Newfoundlander’ after courageously tackling the process known as ‘Screeching In ‘ while visiting the island for the first time years ago. Jeremy kissed a codfish, stood in freezing salt water, ate dried bread and raw bologna like a pro. When Jeremy puts his mind to something, he sees it through and more!

Jeremy is motivated, friendly, client focused, experienced, skilled and he comes with the two main qualities you need in a realtor : integrity and expertise. In addition he brings a personal approach and a dedication to his clients that are bar none. As a skilled realtor, a caring father, an experienced contractor, a skilled user of the latest technology and his client service approach- you will not be disappointed.

With Jeremy you will experience a well rounded approach by this salt of the earth honorary Newfoundlander who has an eye for detail, customer satisfaction and a future-forward eye to the new world of online advertising – In Jeremy you get the full package.